16 de março de 2013

Renault Clio RS Gordini shows up in the web. It's still blue.

A few years ago Renault revived the long dead Gordini name creating an exclusive line for their smaller cars, therefore it is no surprise that now some rumors are starting to appear online about the new Clio RS Gordini. One thing that remains unchanged is the blue paint with the two white stripes.

According to my source, which in turn has its own source, it should be 30kg (66lb) lighter, the engine will have 225hp instead of the 200hp found in the regular version, Recaro sport seats, Cup chassis, a RS Monitor similar to the one found in the Nissan GT-R, white rims and a specially tuned exhaust for a better sound.

For now nothing is confirmed, but those are some attractive features.

Source: worldscoop