4 de março de 2013

Toyota i-Road Concept leaning on the way to Geneva

Toyota decided they were going to bring something different to the Geneva Motor Show. Here we have a small two seater small city car that will take the fight to the Renault Twizy starting with the Geneva Motor Show. Meanwhile Apple will sue Toyota because of the chosen name.

It has room for two people sitting one in front of the other (tandem) just like the Twizy, but unlike the latter it has only three wheels and leans when making a turn to prevent tipping over.

The i-Road has a length of 2.350mm, a wheelbase of 1.700mm, is 1.445mm tall and as a width of only 850mm meaning it isn't larger than a motorcycle so it will occupy just half of a regular parking space. The 3 meter turning radius makes it easy to drive and maneuver in a city.

The power train consists of two electric motors with 2kW each giving it a top speed of 45km/h (28mph). The Lithium-ion battery helps raise the car's curb weight to 300kg (660lbs), while a full charge gives the "trike" a range of 50km (31 miles) when driving at 30km/h (19mph).