23 de abril de 2013

DC Design reveals their special Renault/Dacia Duster

The first teaser promised a lot. It looked so different, but now that we get to see the official pictures, it looks a little bit weird, specially the interior. How much will this cost you? 3.49 Lakhs. 1 lakh equals to 100.000, so this will cost you an extra 349.000 rupees (€4950, $6450 or £4250) over the price of the Duster.

The front fascia does look cool with those LED lights that are in the place of the old headlamps. The previous location of the fog lights now accommodate the main lights. Those changes together with a new set of wheels and the matte black paint are the main changes on the outside.

Inside, we have a total makeover, and it's a bad one. The interior is filled with leather and wood, but the color combination is very bad, and now only has room for four people. I am sure it is comfortable, even the front passenger seat folds completely, creating a flat surface.

Source: DC Design Facebook