2 de abril de 2013

KTM E-SPEED - Bringing electricity to your scooter

There is more in the world than just cars. Electric cars are increasingly being presented, but electricity is also coming to motorcycles, and KTM wants to be one of the pioneers. The Austrian company brought to the Tokyo Motorcycle Show the sport-oriented concept for “urban mobility”.

This electric scooter has a liquid-cooled permanent-magnet synchronous motor with 11kW (14.96PS or 14.75hp) and 36Nm (26.55lb/ft), and is connected to the rear wheel through a belt drive.

The lithium-ion batteries that storage the energy necessary to power the electric motor have a capacity of 4.36kWh and are fully charged after just two hours on a regular 220V socket.

Top speed is limited to 85km/h (53mph) and there aren't any acceleration figures because it doesn't even get to 100km/h (62mph), but i am sure it will be fast.

The SPEED-E is easily noticeable as a KTM since it uses the same color scheme and has a distinctive look.

Stefan Pierer, KTM CEO, added that: “We at KTM are completely convinced of electric mobility as a perfect complement to conventional powertrains. In the long term, the electric drive will come out on top for short distances – particularly in areas which are highly sensitive from an environmental perspective, like open nature and densely populated metropolitan areas! Vehicles like the ‘E-SPEED’ and FREERIDE E can help powered two-wheelers win back more acceptance in society. Not just because of their environmental credits, but because they are easy to use, quick, and simply great fun.

Source: KTM
Photographer: Schedl R.