17 de abril de 2013

Mercedes announces via Facebook they will reveal the GLA concept at the Shanghai Motor Show

With the approach of the Shanghai Motor car manufacturers are preparing to present their latest innovations in the Chinese biennial international auto show, starting this Saturday. At the same time, some scans were revealed in the British magazine Autocar showing the GLA concept in its final form.

We even get to see the interior and the illuminated air vents. This cool pieces change color depending on the air temperature that is passing through them. If they are blowing air with a temperature of 22ºC they glow white, anything below that they are blue, if the air has a temperature above 22ºC they glow red.

This compact SUV will go on sale next year with minor changes. It is based on the A-Class platform, therefore it should be available with the majority of engines also found on the hatchback.

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Source:  mercedes facebook & autocar magazine