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22 de abril de 2013

MG introduces the UK (and European) MG3 supermini at the Shanghai Motor Show

The MG3 is already sold in China since 2011, but with this small facelift, it will arrive in Europe later this year. Based on the MG Zero concept revealed in 2013, this small city car designed and engineered at the MG Birmingham site in Longbridge, UK, and will also be built at the Birmingham factory.

Volkswagen surprisingly reveals 4Fun Concept at the Shanghai Motor Show

As the title says, Volkswagen surprised us by revealing this new concept, which is a collaborative project between the German and several college students, whose aim was to create the "People's Car" for the Chinese market. The result is a mini-van with gullwing doors.

Icona shows the Vulcano Supercar Concept at the Shanghai Motor Show

The China-based design company, that has roots in the area of Turin, Italy, introduced the Vulcano at the Shanghai Motor Show. This is a car that had an important contribution from Claudio Lombardi, which is the former powertrain technical director of Ferrari and also helped Lancia achieved several World Rally Championship wins.

Volkswagen introduces the iBeetle and the iBeetle Cabriolet at the Shanghai Motor Show

You should be asking yourself, what this Beetle has so special to have gained an "i" before the name. But the answer is easy and quickly we notice the association with Apple. The main novelty is the addition of a docking station mounted on the dashboard, that together with a special app, allows the driver to integrate the car with their iPhone.

21 de abril de 2013

Hyundai shows the Mistra (Mingtu in Chinese) Concept. Also revealed in Shanghai

The Hyundai Mistra, called Mingtu in China, is a mid-size sedan that will be made in China thanks to the Beijing Hyundai Motor Company join venture. The production version will be revealed later this year aiming to please the young parents of this Asian country.

DongFeng Nissan reveals the VIWA Concept at the Shanghai Motor Show

Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company (DFL-PV) revealed yesterday the small VIWA EV Concept under the VENUCIA brand. VENUCIA sold over seventy thousand vehicles since the introduction of the D50, in April 2012. Today, that brand sells the D50, R50 and the electric car, e30.

Toyota FT-HT Concept unveiled in Shanghai together with the Yaris and Vios for the Chinese market

Toyota used the Shanghai Motor Show to reveal two new concepts, the six-seater Toyota FT-HT Yuejia and the Yundong Shuangqing II, besides the production version of the new Yaris and the Vios. If you are wondering what Yuejia, Yundong and Shuangqing mean, those are coined words in Mandarin Chinese for “happy family”, “movement upon clouds” and “dual support".

Suzuki AUTHENTICS Concept officially revealed in China [Video]

The compact car segment (C-segment) in China is "red hot" with so many new cars being presented. This time it was Suzuki who presented the concept of the car that will compete in this segment. The Japanese company wants to produce and distribute the production model that will be based on the AUTHENTICS concept by the end of 2014.

20 de abril de 2013

Acura presents the SUV-X Concept aimed at the Chinese market

Since today is the press day at the Shanghai Motor Show, most car manufacturers decided to reveal today their new vehicles, and Acura isn't an exception, showing us for the first time the SUV-X, a SUV developed primarily for the Chinese market, and it is also the first world premiere for the brand that happens outside the USA.

Ford brings back the Escort name, puts it in a concept for the Shanghai Motor Show

The Ford Escort was a small family car that had huge success, particularly in several European markets during the 80s and 90s, achieving great popularity among younger drivers due to its more powerful versions, like the RS Cosworth. The Escort moniker was also used in the North American market and in a few other other countries but it was a different model, that never reached the level of the European version. Now it seems Ford is bringing it back.

19 de abril de 2013

Buick reveals the Riviera concept at the Shanghai Motor Show

Seems Buick is the first car manufacturer to officially introduce a new car, or in this case a concept, at the Shanghai Motor Show. The North American company brought another view of the concept presented in 2007, also called Riviera, created by GM’s design team from the Pan-Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC), which is a design and engineering center in Shanghai, China.

First official images of the MG CS Concept

And here are the first official images of the concept that MG will show for the first time at the Shanghai Motor Show, which will begin tomorrow. It was created by a team led by MG’s Global Design Director, Anthony Williams-Kenny. SAIC Motor group wants to expand their car lineup so they can reach more markets.

Nissan Friend-ME Concept caught in what seems to be a large advertising banner

Nissan showed two teasers previewing a car that i still cannot say if it's a hatchback or a fastback, but is aimed at a younger generation in China. This car was completely developed in China at the Nissan Design China in Beijing and is going to be revealed at the Shanghai Motor Show this Saturday.

Official pictures of the CrossBlue Coupe Concept

As always, passed a few hours of the first teasers, here you have the first official images of the CrossBlue Coupe Concept. We can now see more clearly the final form of this large SUV that seems to want to rival the BMW X6. Don't miss the public presentation at the Shanghai Motor Show this Saturday.

18 de abril de 2013

Suzuki introduces the new SX4 at the Shanghai Motor Show, it's very different from the European version

We already saw the new Suzuki SX4, but for some reason the Japanese company will first release a facelift for the Chinese market. The presentation will take place at the Shanghai Motor Show this Saturday, but the car is already in its stand and there is absolutely no security, so we already know the look of the car.

Volkswagen CrossBlue Coupe Concept coming to Shanghai

In January, Volkswagen presented the CrossBlue diesel plug-in hybrid SUV concept at the North American International Auto Show, and today two images of a sportier version of this concept appeared online. This new concept is called the CrossBlue Coupe Concept and wants to rival the BMW X6, at least that is what seems to be its purpose.

The Chery Alpha 7 doesn't look that bad. Coming to Shanghai

The Chinese car companies are also starting to release their new cars, which can be seen at the Shanghai Motor Show in a few days. We now have Chery showing us their latest concept, the Alpha 7. This is a small sedan that will give birth to the upcoming Chery A7.

Lamborghini celebrates 50 years with a special Aventador 50 Anniversario

This year, Lamborghini celebrates 50 years since its creation. To commemorate that fact as best as possible, the Italian brand is going to introduce a very special Lamborghini called the Aventador LP720-4 50th Anniversario. For those who did not realize it, anniversario means anniversary or birthday.

17 de abril de 2013

Did not take long. Here are the first official images of the concept GLA

An hour after the first teaser appeared, it was revealed the first official photos of the concept that will be displayed publicly at the Shanghai Motor Show this Saturday. The new compact SUV will probably have its production version revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this year, with sales starting in 2014.

Mercedes announces via Facebook they will reveal the GLA concept at the Shanghai Motor Show

With the approach of the Shanghai Motor car manufacturers are preparing to present their latest innovations in the Chinese biennial international auto show, starting this Saturday. At the same time, some scans were revealed in the British magazine Autocar showing the GLA concept in its final form.