22 de abril de 2013

Volkswagen introduces the iBeetle and the iBeetle Cabriolet at the Shanghai Motor Show

You should be asking yourself, what this Beetle has so special to have gained an "i" before the name. But the answer is easy and quickly we notice the association with Apple. The main novelty is the addition of a docking station mounted on the dashboard, that together with a special app, allows the driver to integrate the car with their iPhone.

After installing the Beetle App in your iPhone, you can connect your phone to your car using the docking station or via wireless, allowing you to use other apps in your Beetle, like Spotify, Expert, Trainer, Reader, Postcard, Photo and Milestones.

The iBeetle will available from the beginning of 2014 and comes with 18 inch “Disc” alloy wheels, painted in “Galvano Grey” with chrome wheel covers. The door mirror housings, steering wheel accents, dash pad and side trim panels are also painted in “Galvano Grey”.

It will also have black door sill plates with the “iBeetle” name in them, “iBeetle” chrome badges and a “Chrome pack” that include chrome trim strips on the sides of the car.

Source: Volkswagen