19 de abril de 2013

Volkswagen Saveiro gets a facelift for the Brazilian market

Volkswagen recently revealed the improved Saveiro, a kind of pickup, also known as an UTE in other markets, like Australia. The Saveiro has a new front similar to the one used in other models, such as the Golf (Gol) and the Polo, and will be available with three models: Trend, Trooper and Cross.

Besides those three versions, Volkswagen also offers two body styles for the Trend model: simple and extended. The interior suffered a few changes, with a redesigned instrument cluster, new air vents and silver trims.

The engine is the same as in the previous year's model, the EA-111 1.6 VHT with 104PS (103hp or 77kW) when using ethanol and 101PS (100hp or 74kW) with petrol. As with the engine, Volkswagen only offers one transmission, a five-speed manual.

Source: VW Brazil