13 de maio de 2013

Renault refreshes the Kangoo line-up

Renault, which is the European market’s number one LCV manufacturer, finally decided to refresh the Kangoo, and give it a look more like the latest models of the French brand, but still giving it a unique and more muscular appearance, while having a few differences between the various versions (leisure activity, the van and the electric version).

Outside, most of the changes occurred in front of the car, and in particular, the front bumper, bonnet, front wings, head lamps and grille were modified.

The interior has also suffered some changes. The new Kangoo now has a more modern center console similar to the one found in the Clio, Captur and ZOE, and this is where the air conditioning and radio controls are now placed. Optionally, you can choose the the new R-Link multimedia system.

The instrument panel is different in the elecric version. It has an econometer, a battery-charge indicator and the speedometer, all of which are blue-hued, while on the the van and leisure activity versions, the three instrument bezels are black with a white surround.

In total, Renault offers 15 versions of the Kangoo. 12 vans (including the Z.E. variant) and 3 leisure activity vehicles for individuals, offering a cargo volume from 2.3 up to 4.6m3, and three seats at the front.

You will be able to choose between several very efficient engines, besides the electric version that emits nothing at all. First we have the Energy dCi 75 and 90. These two engines have a combined-cycle consumption of 4.3 liters/100km (65.69 UK mpg or 54.7 USA mpg) and CO2 emissions of just 112g/km. The 75PS (74hp or 55kW) engine has 180Nm (133Nm), while the 90PS (89hp or 66kW) unit produces 200Nm (148lb/ft) of torque.

The most powerful diesel engine is the Energy dCi 110. It delivers 110PS (109hp or 81kW) and 240Nm (177lb/ft), and has a combined fuel consumption of 4.54 liters/100km (62.22 UK mpg or 51.81 USA mpg) and CO2 emissions of 115g/km.

Renault will offer a new petrol engine, the Energy TCe 115. This 1.2 liter unit produces 115PS (113hp or 85kW) and 190Nm (140lb/ft). It returns a combined cycle fuel consumption of 6.0 liters/100km (47.08 UK mpg or 39.2 USA mpg) and emits just 140g/km of CO2.

All Energy engines have Stop&Start and a deceleration energy recovery system. Sales have already begun and the first cars will start to appear at dealers in June.

Source: Renault