14 de junho de 2013

2014 Mercedes S63 AMG revealed in a promotional video

This week, Mercedes started the production of the new S-Class in Sindelfingen, Germany, and to celebrate that they made a promotional video showing part of the manufacturing process involved into the creation of this vehicle, but it seems they "inadvertently" revealed the more powerful version of the S-Class named S63 AMG.

The S63 AMG, which is the one painted in white, will probably come with the M157 5.5-liter V8 engine that produces 557PS (549bhp or 410kW) and 720Nm (531lb/ft). Later, an even more powerful version should arrive with the "S-Model" name tag and possibly with 585PS (577bhp or 430kW) or we could even see the S65 AMG with the M275 6.0-liter V12 that has a power output of 680PS (500kW or 671bhp) and 1000Nm (738lb/ft) or torque.

The power is delivered to all four wheels through the seven-speed AMG SPEEDSHIFT dual-clutch transmission. Since Mercedes hasn't officially revealed the car all of these needs to be confirmed, but i am sure we won't have to wait that long.

Source: HighwayStarBenz Youtube See at 6:53