14 de junho de 2013

BMW 4-Series revealed. Still waiting for BMW to make it official

The BMW 4-Series, which is replacing the previous 3-Series coupe, was revealed today by BMW and is ready to rival the Audi A5 and the Mercedes C-Class coupe. The public presentation is still scheduled for the Frankfurt Motor Show in September with sales starting the following month.

This car was previewed in January at the Detroit Motor Show as the 4-Series Coupe Concept, and thankfully there aren't many differences from concept to production model, with the main difference being the rear bumper. The M-Sport (pictured below in blue) also has a few differences compared to the other versions

If we compare it with the previous 3-Series coupe, the 4-Series is 26mm longer, 43mm wider and 16mm lower, meaning it is 4638mm long, 1825mm wide and 1362mm tall. The wheelbase also increased by 50mm to 2810mm, and so did the front and rear tracks, which are now bigger by 45mm and 81mm to 1545mm and 1593mm, respectively.

One measure that should not have increased was the weight. The new 420d weighs 1450kg (3197lbs), or 30kg (66lbs) more than its predecessor, the 320d. Nothing was confirmed, but we do know it will be available with three engine options. The 420d will come with a 2.0-liter engine that produces 184PS (135kW or 182bhp) and has an average fuel consumption of 4.6l/100km (61.4 UK mpg or 51.1 USA mpg) with the 8-speed automatic gearbox. Then we have the 428i with a 2.0-liter turbo unit that puts out 245PS (180kW or 242bhp) and the 435i uses a 3.0-liter bi-turbo engine to produce 306PS (225kW or 302bhp).

The 428i has an average fuel consumption of 6.6l/100km (42.8 UK mpg or 35.6 USA mpg) when used with a six-speed manual gearbox and 6.3l/100km (44.8 UK mpg or 37.3 USA mpg) with the 8-speed automatic transmission. The 435i has an higher fuel consumption of 7.9l/100km (35.8 UK mpg or 29.8 USA mpg) with the manual and 7.2l/100km (39.2 UK mpg or 32.7 USA mpg) with automatic transmission.

At a later date, BMW will introduce three new engines (420i, 430d, and 435d). They are all available with rear-wheel drive (except the 435d, which comes standard with the xDrive system), but you can have the xDrive all-wheel drive system.

Source: motor-talk