26 de julho de 2013

2014 Renault Clio Gordini RS comes with more power

Some time ago, Renault decided to bring back the Gordini name, but the changes were limited to a blue paintwork and two white stripes. The more "hardcore" fans of the French brand didn't like that, they said it was an insult to the Gordini models of the 50's and 60's, so now Renault decided to make things right and make these versions actually special. These pictures appeared in a French forum (worldscoop) together with some information.

It still is painted in blue and white, but now the four cylinder, 1.6-liter, turbocharged engine generates 230PS (227bhp or 169kW) and 285Nm (210lb/ft) of torque. That is an increase of 30PS (30bhp or 22kW) and 45Nm (33lb/ft) over the regular RS version. The six-speed automatic transmission (EDC) has been improved to give a better sense of sportiness to this small hatchback.

The cup chassis was lowered by 10mm, and the brakes were upgraded with a better Brembo system. The weight decreases by about 25kg (55lbs) to 1175/1180kg (2590/2602lbs), allowing this car to have a top speed of 250km/h (155mph) and it takes 5.9 seconds to reach 100km/h (62mph) from standstill.

The exterior is available in Gordini Blue with White stripes (pictured below), Glacier White with Gordini Blue stripes, Flame Red with White stripes, and Platinum Gray with Gordini Blue stripes. The Radical 18-inch White wheels will look great with any color combination.

Inside, there's Recaro sports seats with a lot of Alcantara with the Gordini logo embroidered in Gordini Blue, carbon fiber inserts, aluminum pedals, and the R-Link multimedia system with the RS Monitor. All of this should cost, in France, around €28,000 ($37,000 or £24,000).

Source: worldscoop