1 de julho de 2013

Next-generation Mini caught "naked" during an official photo shoot

The new generation of the Mini should be presented and shown to the public at the Frankfurt Motor Show, in September, but it seems someone was hiding in a pretty good spot and took this photos for us to see. In them we see a yellow Cooper S, another Cooper S, this time painted in gray, and what seems to be a regular Mini in red and white.

The front of the car is the one that got the biggest changes. The new Mini now has LED headlamps that remind me a bit of the Fiat 500L Trekking and their circular shape, new front grille and bumper, a more inclined windshield and larger tail lights.

Based on the "UKL" platform, it can have a front- or all-wheel drive system. The new Mini is also longer and wider, but what bothers me is the rather large front overhang, that is not how a Mini should be designed.

I am sure with this early reveal, BMW will be forced to officially show the new Mini.

Source: CarScoopS / CarPix