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25 de julho de 2013

Mini uses the Vision concept to show what the net model will look like. We already saw it [Video]

That is right, the next-generation Mini was already seen during a photo shoot, so it is somewhat surprising that BMW (the owners of Mini) unveiled a new concept called Mini Vision. The small car was shown at today’s MINI Design@Home event and, of course, serves to show many design solutions that the production model will adopt.

3 de julho de 2013

BMW wasn't amused with the early reveal of the 2014 Mini. Makes fun of the situation

Two days ago, you saw here for the first time images of the next-generation Mini that were taken during an official photo. Mini, and its parent company, BMW, weren't happy, but they tried to make the best out of this situation, so, a few moments ago, BMW issued a press release comparing what happened to them with what happens to the Royal Family and other "VIPs".

1 de julho de 2013

Next-generation Mini caught "naked" during an official photo shoot

The new generation of the Mini should be presented and shown to the public at the Frankfurt Motor Show, in September, but it seems someone was hiding in a pretty good spot and took this photos for us to see. In them we see a yellow Cooper S, another Cooper S, this time painted in gray, and what seems to be a regular Mini in red and white.

2 de março de 2013

Mini Countryman Dakar Special Edition. Only 11 cars available for France

To celebrate Stéphane Peterhansel and Jean-Paul Cottret victory in the 2013 Dakar Rally with the MINI ALL4 Racing, the British company owned by BMW created the MINI John Cooper Works Countryman ALL4 Dakar Winner 2013 of which only 11 will be built and they will be only available in France.

18 de fevereiro de 2013

This is the right way to advertise a car. This time Mini got it right

After i showed you the lame advertisement that took advantage of the scandal with the horse meat, now i will reveal to you something that is much more effective when promoting a car. In the video below we get to see a modified John Cooper Works Mini doing a back flip in the French resort of Tignes.

Mini used the horse meat scandal to promote itself

I think it is wrong to use this type of scandal to get some publicity but I assume it is original and the advertising company that came up with it had a "good" idea since everyone is talking about it. From what i found out this ad was printed in an English newspaper (could be wrong). See it for yourself below and tells us what you think.

24 de janeiro de 2013

MINI Clubman Bond Street for the 2013 Geneva Motor Show

Don't be confused, this version has nothing to do with the British special agent but instead with the major shopping street in the West End of London, targeting the " style-conscious customers of the particularly discerning variety".

10 de janeiro de 2013

BMW and Mini will have 23 FWD models

The Minis were always FWD, but BMW has earned a reputation building RWD cars with spectacular handling and performance since the very beginning in 1929 with the 3/15 DA-2, but now things will change and we have found out that BMW will have 12 cars with front wheel drive and Mini 11.

20 de dezembro de 2012

Short News: Mini Benz. Here's a rare find. [Video]

According to the description of the video on youtube, this is an Austin Mini with many Mercedes parts, that ultimately creates a good looking car. You will be able to find this car at the Palace Stephanie in Cannes, France.

12 de dezembro de 2012

Mini Paceman John Cooper Works

Here you have the first pictures and information of the new Paceman JCW (John Cooper Works) that borrows the engine from the Countryman JCW.