3 de agosto de 2013

Honda Jazz (Fit) Mugen also got an early reveal

Like the regular version, the Mugen edition of the Honda Jazz/Fit also got leaked, this time from a catalog. In it we can see two cars. The orange is the RS, while the white car is the less sportier S version. Both have suffered a few aesthetic changes which include new bumpers, 17-inch wheels, front splitter, rear diffuser and a roof spoiler.

The orange car (RS) has a more aggressive looking body-kit, and i don't know if the same will happen to the engine fitted in them or if both versions will share the same engine, since nothing was revealed in the image below about the powertrain.

The interior also wasn't revealed, but we can expect a few changes to make it look sportier. I am sure we will soon have an official reveal since sales of the regular Jazz/Fit will start next month in Japan.

Source: planete-honda