27 de setembro de 2013

Caterham revealed a new concept at the 2013 Singapore GP

This somewhat ugly creation named AeroSeven was shown for the first time at the SingTel Singapore Grand Prix, and was described as "an exciting new performance concept road car". The announced performance figures are really good, but the design is the only thing that bothers me.
It just doesn't look good from any perspective. But, moving on, this new concept is based on the Seven CSR platform and has a carbon-fiber body. It is the first model made by Caterham to have traction control thanks to the collaboration with the Formula 1 team.

The engine powering this concept, and possibly the production version that will arrive at the end of 2014, is a 2.0-liter, 4 cylinder, normally-aspirated Ford Duratec unit. Caterham improved this engine, so it now generates 240PS (237bhp or 176kW) @8500rpm and 206Nm (152lb/ft) @6300rpm.

Power is transmitted to the rear wheels through a Caterham 6-speed manual gearbox. All of this is more than enough to accelerate this car from 0 to 100km/h (62mph) in under 4 seconds.

Source: Caterham