11 de setembro de 2013

Official: Suzuki brings the iV-4 Concept to Frankfurt

Suzuki premiered its new compact SUV concept, the iV-4, at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Heir to Suzuki’s DNA, this new compact vehicle embodies a new automotive idea, the personal compact SUV. This idea is also promoted by the name iV-4, since "i" stands for “individuality”, “V” means "vehicle”, and “4” for “four wheel-drive”.

Painted in Brilliant Turquoise Metallic, this concept has an overall length of 4,215mm, an overall width of 1,850mm, an overall height of 1,665mm, and a wheelbase with 2,500mm. All of this is supported by 20-inch wheels.

Suzuki also announced they are going to sell the production model based on this concept in 2015. It will be a light and eco-friendly SUV, and will feature the next generation of 4WD technology. ALLGRIP.

Source: Suzuki