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31 de julho de 2013

This time it's official. Here's the BMW i3

A week ago, you saw here for the first time, images of the production version of the new BMW i3, but only now the German car manufacturer decided to completely reveal its new electric car. The presentation took place at the same time in London, New York and Beijing, since these are some of the cities in which this car will be more used, due to heavy traffic.

23 de julho de 2013

Another day, another leak, this time it's the BMW i3

Amazing how there is not one car manufacturer that can keep a secret. Some time ago, BMW announced that they were going to reveal the i3 to the world for the first time on July 29, but it seems someone ruined their plans and leaked the first images of the interior and exterior of the production version of this electric vehicle.

2 de julho de 2013

BMW teases the new i3. Unveiling will take place on July 29 [Video]

A few hours ago, BMW released the first teaser, in the form of a video, of the new all-electric BMW i3, which will have its debut live on YouTube July 29th. In the video you can see below, BMW tells us it is time to "learn a new german word: Vorfreude", which can be roughly translated to "anticipation" or "excitement".

28 de novembro de 2012

BMW i3 Coupe Concept revealed, will also be at the L.A. Motor Show

BMW will take advantage of the Los Angeles Motor Show to introduce the 2-door version of the electric vehicle, i3. The car looks more "production ready", with the headlamps and taillights of a normal size.