7 de dezembro de 2012

Former Ducati owner, Investindustrial, bought a 37,5% stake in Aston Martin

When everyone thought Mahindra and Mahindra was the one taking a stake in Aston Martin, the former owner of the Italian brand Ducati, a private equity fund named Investindustrial bought 37,5% for €186.165.000 (£150.000.000).

Investindustrial sold Ducati earlier this year for $ (€852.940.000 or £686.730.000) and has a connection with AMG but a link between them but was not agreed upon.

Investindustrial will be a minority shareholder together with Dr Ulrich Bez and David Richards, while Investment Dar will continue to be the only majority shareholder.

This will mean more money flowing to Aston Martin that will allow more investment in more and better products.

Source: Autocar.uk