22 de dezembro de 2012

Lexus sells over 500.000 hybrid vehicles

More and more people buy hybrid cars because they think those are an environmentally better alternative to conventional vehicles that use less fuel and has lower emissions, which is true, they are, but not by much.
So the fact that one brand has sold more than 506 thousand hybrid cars since 2005 is something that deserves highlighting. Lexus first hybrid vehicle was the RX 400h SUV, launched in 2005, and was replaced in 2009 by the RX 450h selling over 259.000 units sold globally from 2005 untill November 2012, yet the main market for Lexus is the European with 126.000 units sold, representing about 25% of global hybrid sales.

The most recent hybrid vehicle sold by Lexus is the ES 300h, pictured above, and achieved sales of 8.000 cars in selected markets like the U.S.A., Russia, China, and other Asian countries. Overall, hybrid vehicles represent about 25% of total Lexus sales.

Source: Lexus

Lexus hybrid cumulative sales as of end of November 2012