28 de dezembro de 2012

Opel Corsa Flexfuel will come prepared for LNG from factory

Besides being cheaper, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG or GPL) is also less polluting, emitting less SOx, NOx and Particulate Matter. So it is normal that many brands begin to invest in this fuel, and Opel is no exception with the introduction of the Corsa Flexfuel.
Opel promises a 40% reduction in the fuel bill and 15% in CO2 emissions for the only engine available, which has four-cylinders, 1.2liters, 16 valves, and develops 85hp (83hp when using LPG) while producing 115g/km of CO2. It has a total range of 1200km, of which 400km are achieved with LPG.

The car will have an average fuel consumption of 5,6l/100km while using petrol and 7,1l/100km for the LPG. The gas tank, with a total volume of 42 liters, has the capacity to hold 29.2 liters of liquefied gas. Sales will start on January with a price tag of around €16.000 ($21.200).