25 de janeiro de 2013

McLaren previews the P1 in a Video

Click here for the production version

The successor to the legendary F1 supercar will be named the P1 and has been shown in the Paris Motor Show in September 2012, but one thing is the look of the car another is how it drives, and the people at McLaren are hard at work on that aspect, so to prove that they released this video featuring the new supercar in a "relentless testing program".

Even if the new car still has some camouflage it doesn't look any different from what we have seen. The somewhat weird lines are a proof that form follows function. Rumors point to an V8 twin-turbocharged engine with 3.8liters and around 800hp, meaning it will be fast. Probably even faster thanks to the use of carbon fiber to keep the weight down.

The production version should be introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in March with sales starting in the summer. Only 500 will be built for a price of over €750.000 ($1.000.000).