4 de fevereiro de 2013

Bristol luxury car maker will reveal an hybrid supercar

The British brand with almost 68 years of history will join forces with Frazer-Nash to create an hybrid supercar and will reveal it later this year. The new supercar will use a rotary engine as a generator to charge the lithium ion batteries, batteries that will power the four electric motors, each connected to a wheel.

In 2009 Frazer-Nash showed the Namir concept, a car that had the same operating principle that the Bristol car will have, but that time they joined Italdesign to create the concept that is pictured above and below. It had four electric motors with digital differentials to deploy torque intelligently, with a 813cc wankel engine and lithium ion batteries.

Will it ever get to be produced? We don't know, but it seems they are focused on that.

source: autocar