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22 de abril de 2013

Icona shows the Vulcano Supercar Concept at the Shanghai Motor Show

The China-based design company, that has roots in the area of Turin, Italy, introduced the Vulcano at the Shanghai Motor Show. This is a car that had an important contribution from Claudio Lombardi, which is the former powertrain technical director of Ferrari and also helped Lancia achieved several World Rally Championship wins.

20 de abril de 2013

Another supercar! Meet the Mazzanti Evantra V8

The world gains another supercar and this one is not even pretty. The Italian company, Mazzanti, introduced today the Evantra V8 at Top Marques Monaco. This is will be so exclusive that only 5 will be built each year and still doesn't have a price tag. I can only imagine it will cost several hundred thousands of whatever currency you use in your country.

5 de março de 2013

Here you have it, the La Ferrari. We knew it as the F150, F70 and the Enzo replacement [Video]

This is a little weird, the Italian company decided to call their new supercar, the car we all have been eagerly waiting, La Ferrari or The Ferrari. Are they telling us this is the ultimate Ferrari, the ultimate supercar, the best ever? Well, it is indeed the fastest but it isn't an amazing looking car. If you can see it live at the Geneva Motor Show

4 de março de 2013

Lamborghini Veneno is the special car the Italian company brought to Geneva [Updated]

This crazy looking car called Veneno, which means poison in Portuguese and Spanish, is the surprise Lamborghini promised to bring to the Geneva Motor Show. This car is Lamborghini's way to celebrate their 50th anniversary but only three cars will be built and all of them are already sold.

1 de março de 2013

Volar-E revealed in a video. Not bad. [Video]

A few days ago i wrote here that today the Spanish born company Applus IDIADA would introduce their new concept car, the Volar-E, and they did that at the Circuit de Catalunya during the F1 Test Days. This is an all-electric supercar, well prototype for now, that was created in less than 4 months, since they were chosen by the European Commission in last September to create by high performance sports car.

26 de fevereiro de 2013

2013 Volar-E. Another electric "supercar" will be revealed this Friday.

One day the world will be saturated with supercars but today is not that day. Here you have another so called supercar created by the Spanish engineering company Applus+Idiad, who was choosed by the European Comission last year to an electric supercar, with the help of their main partner, the Croatian company Rimac.

4 de fevereiro de 2013

Bristol luxury car maker will reveal an hybrid supercar

The British brand with almost 68 years of history will join forces with Frazer-Nash to create an hybrid supercar and will reveal it later this year. The new supercar will use a rotary engine as a generator to charge the lithium ion batteries, batteries that will power the four electric motors, each connected to a wheel.

31 de janeiro de 2013

W Motors Lykan Hypersport had its premiere at the Qatar Motor Show.

W Motors, the company from Beirut, has revealed their new supercar at the Qatar Motor Show. The vehicle is equipped with a twin-turbocharged flat-six engine producing 750hp (552kW) and 998Nm (737lb/ft) of torque, allegedly supplied by German tuning company RUF.

27 de dezembro de 2012

Audi’s Diesel-Electric R20 Supercar

Seems Audi is not happy with R8 and want a new supercar to sit above it, and to do so they will build a street-legal Le Mans racer based on the R18, with a diesel engine and an electric motor.

26 de novembro de 2012

2013 Hennessey Venom GT will have over 1500bhp

The power figures in supercars keep getting higher and higher. The 2012 Venon GT is powered by a twin turbocharged Chevrolet LS-series aluminum V8 producing 1200bhp (1217 metric hp) and 1537Nm (1135lb/ft) of torque connected to a six-speed Ricardo manual gearbox.

21 de novembro de 2012

BMW M1 sucessor will be called the M8.

BMW is one of few that does not have an actual supercar. Mercedes has the SLS, Audi has the R8, Lexus has the LFA, Nissan the GT-R and so on. But according to AutomobileMag that will soon change.