25 de fevereiro de 2013

Lamborghini reveals a new vehicle! It's a tractor. [Video]

But this Lamborghini only has a top speed of 50km/h and a power output of 120hp and a decent 480Nm of maximum torque at 1600rpm, more than enough to move several tons. And this is the best Lamborghini tractor you can buy, all the other models have weaker performances.

Still it is a good looking tractor. It looks mean and the video advertising the new Lamborghini Nitro was well made. Oh and don't forget it was created by Giugiaro Designs.
Lamborghini Nitro is a step forward in medium power tractors displaying cutting edge technical features. This range is a coming-together of the "fighting bull's" strength and determination.

The new white and black colouring highlights a dual personality, created with elegance and simplicity, high technological content and ease of use, exclusivity and versatility. A unique and unparalleled style runs throughout: Giugiaro Design.

The bonnet features a bold, lowered contour.
The cab is perfectly integrated into the exclusive style of the tractor as a whole.
The interior is a perfect harmony of ergonomics and beauty.
The mudguards provide the finishing touch: with double LED tail lights, a blend of elegance and power typical of the Lamborghini brand.