20 de abril de 2013

Ford brings back the Escort name, puts it in a concept for the Shanghai Motor Show

The Ford Escort was a small family car that had huge success, particularly in several European markets during the 80s and 90s, achieving great popularity among younger drivers due to its more powerful versions, like the RS Cosworth. The Escort moniker was also used in the North American market and in a few other other countries but it was a different model, that never reached the level of the European version. Now it seems Ford is bringing it back.

Unfortunately, for now it is just a concept, and it is not even pretty. The good thing is that if this car gets to be produced, it will be limited to the Chinese market (at least for now...), since the North American company plans to expand its offering in the compact car segment in that specific market.

Ford did not reveal what engine they fitted in this concept, but i am sure when the production version arrives, if it ever happens, it will use several four-cylinder EcoBoost engines. So don't you think we will have a new Escort RS Cosworth.

Source: Ford