27 de abril de 2013

Meet the new Volvo FMX

Volvo revealed the new FMX at the 2013 Bauma in Munich, giving it a more distinct look compared to the rest of Volvo's lineup of trucks. Like all truck manufacturers, Volvo also had to improve their models so they comply with the Euro 6 standard, but in the process they also made more significant changes.

The FMX was redesigned to have a more muscular and sturdy look and feel, since its main environment will be construction sites, where you need to have a truck that can take a beating. Some of the changes made to achieve this objective include, a new front bumper partly made from 3mm steel, a step made out of a by elastic, non-cracking material and a towing eye made of cast iron, designed to handle 32 tonnes, and a cab constructed from high-tensile steel, besides many other small improvements.

In the interior we have an improved driver position, since it is now more ergonomic and roomier. The FMX was fitted with Volvo's upgraded Dynamic Steering, a system which uses an electric motor to replace the driver input to the steering wheel at low speeds, making it easier to turn the truck.

The redesigned instrument panel is now also easier to operate, since it is now angled even further towards the driver, besides other improvements, such as the layout of the controls and buttons.

Another cool feature is the new rear air suspension, which automatically puts the suspension to a height of 300mm, and is available with the 4x2, 6x4 and 8x4 axle configurations. The Euro 6 engine lineup includes 11 and 13 liter engines, with power ranging from 380 to 540hp for the D13, and 330 to 450hp in the D11.