26 de abril de 2013

Mercedes Unimog and Econic introduced by Daimler

Mercedes-Benz will renew the entire line of trucks to meet the Euro 6 standard until the end of the year, since this rule enters into force as early as 2014. The renovation is already well advanced and recently the Unimog and Econic were the ones getting a makeover and new engines, while the Zetros will get its renewal later in the year.

The new four and six-cylinder engines have outputs ranging from 115kW (156hp) to 260kW (354hp) with displacements varying from 5.1 liters up to 7.7 liter, that combine a low fuel consumption with cleaner exhausts. The torque values start at 650Nm (479lb/ft) and reaches 1200Nm (885lb/ft) for the most powerful engine.

The interiors, like the exterior of the Unimog and Econic (and their different), have also been redesigned to give the trucks a more modern look and a more comfortable feel.