9 de maio de 2013

Official: Mercedes reveals the new E-Class Coupe and Cabriolet

A few months after the presentation of the sedan and the estate, Mercedes put the final touches on the coupe and the cabriolet and decided to reveal them to the world and all the information we need, since the car already showed up in January. And thank God they did it, since they are two beautiful cars, even if they only lost 2 doors and the roof.

The profile of the car, which is where both cars had a major change, now has a more slopping roof line, giving them a more sportier look, which is amplified thanks to the long bonnet and elongated side line. The LED head lamps and tail lights were also redesigned and they are both slightly thinner.

The interior was also improved and now has a new instrument cluster with dials backed in white and a new trapezoid-shaped full-colour TFT display with its high-gloss frame. The center console was also redesigned, and doesn't include the selector lever. The cabriolet is one of the quietest in its class, thanks to the acoustic soft top with "its particularly high-grade insulation".

Mercedes offers a total of nine different engines, three diesel and six petrol. The petrol engines range in output from 135kW (184PS or 184hp) to 300kW (402PS or 408hp), while the diesel units vary between 125kW (170PS or 168hp) to 185kW (252PS or 248hp). See the images for the complete list.

Sales will start in June with a starting price (in Germany) of 42,661.50 euros ($55,990 or £36,020) for the coupe and 47,600 euros ($62,470 or £40,190) for the cabriolet.

Source: Mercedes