19 de setembro de 2013

Toyota shows a little more of the Yaris Hybrid-R

We already knew almost everything about this 400PS (395bhp or 294kW) pocket rocket. Now, we can get a better look of it. But first, i'll do a short summary of what we can expect from the 3-door Yaris. It comes with a 1.6-liter Global Race Engine (GRE) developed by Toyota Motorsport (TMG) and two electric motors.

This means it has four-wheel drive. The petrol engine produces 300PS and 420Nm, while the rear electric motors generate a combined maximum power peak of 120PS for up to 5 seconds in "track" mode and 40PS for 10 seconds in “road” mode.

The electric power is stored in a super capacitor to provide a large amount of energy in a short time. The electric units also serve as a generator while braking, just like the TS030 HYBRID race car.

Source: Toyota