25 de junho de 2013

Nissan reveals the Leaf Nismo for the Japanese market

My Japanese is a little rusty, meaning i have no idea what is written in the press release, and Google translator wasn't that helpful, so excuse me if i provide any false information. From what i could determine, the Japanese brand will offer a NISMO aero package, a NISMO parts package and a Nismo performance package.

The Aero Package includes several parts, like the front bumper with LED daytime running lights, rear bumper, side skirts, roof spoiler and aluminum LMX6 18-inch wheels. Moving to the Parts Package, it has a carbon pillar garnish, carbon door mirror cover, blue tinted windows and floor mats.

The last package is the most important. The NISMO Performance Package, which includes the Aero Package, comes with a sports suspension kit that lowers the car 30mm and stiffens the ride (it can also be sold separately), and a improved vehicle control module (VCU) that allows for a sportier performance of this electric car.

If you live in Japan, you can now purchase any of these packages.

Source: Nissan JP