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25 de junho de 2013

Nissan reveals the Leaf Nismo for the Japanese market

My Japanese is a little rusty, meaning i have no idea what is written in the press release, and Google translator wasn't that helpful, so excuse me if i provide any false information. From what i could determine, the Japanese brand will offer a NISMO aero package, a NISMO parts package and a Nismo performance package.

Nissan March (Micra) Nismo and Nismo S revealed. Looks cool

The Nissan March, also known as the Nissan Micra in many markets, gained a sportier version brought to us by Nismo. Well, it isn't really to us, because it will only be sold in Japan. The March will be offered in two grades or trim levels, the base Nismo and the Nismo S.

1 de maio de 2013

The Nissan GT-R will get a Nismo version

We suspected that sooner or later Nissan's Motorsport division (Nismo) was going to create a more powerful version of the GT-R, but only now, Nissan's vice-president Andy Palmer confirmed this when he said he recently tested the prototype in Japan, adding that it is the fastest GT-R ever.

1 de fevereiro de 2013

Nissan reveals the 370Z Nismo for the European market

Nissan surprised everyone by showing the Nismo version of the 370Z during the official presentation of the European Juke Nismo that took place in Barcelona. The new 370Z will be sold starting from July.

26 de janeiro de 2013

Nissan confirms Nismo version of the Leaf

Shoichi Miyatani, President of Nissan Motorsport International Limited (Nismo) said to Autocar that the Leaf Nismo, which was recently introduced at the Tokyo Auto Salon, will enter production in Japan this summer, and depending on how it performs it may also be sold in Europe and/or in the United States of America.