21 de junho de 2013

Nissan reveals the ZEOD RC. It is the world's fastest electric racing car [Video]

The 24 hours of Le Mans start tomorrow, June 22, but Nissan is already preparing its participation in next year's edition. They will participate in this mythical race with the ZEOD RC (Zero Emission On Demand Racing Car), a fully electric vehicle capable of achieving speeds in excess of 300km/h (186.42mph).

Has you can see the design is clearly inspired by the DeltaWing project, while it uses the same lithium battery technology as used in the Nissan Leaf.

Nissan will only participate at next year's event thanks to an invite made by the Automobile Club de l'Ouest (ACO) under the ACO's "Garage 56" entry, which is an additional spot on the grid for vehicles that showcase new and innovative technology.

The Japanese company knows that if they really want to have a shot at winning the 24h of Le Mans, they have to race in the LM P1 class, but won't have a chance if they used a pure electric vehicle, so they will be testing other new technologies, like a system where the driver can switch between electric and petrol-powered drive.

Testing will begin this summer and depending on the results we will see them applied to road cars in the near future.

Source: Nissan