2 de janeiro de 2013

Audi A2 canceled [Video]

It seems that Audi is not very interested in electric cars and decided not to continue with the development of the A2, which had production scheduled to start in 2015. This comes after the development of the R8 was also canceled, meaning that Audi gave up trying to produce an electric vehicle.

Yet they say "lessons learnt from the new A2 project" will be included in future projects., we just have to wait and see what projects. But in the end this means that BMW will not have a direct competitor for the i3.

The now canceled A2 would have a "sandwich" style floor where the lithium-ion battery would be stored, and would be able to provide a range of approximately 200km (125miles) after a four-hour recharge. An electric motor with 114hp would drive the front wheels.

But that is not truly unexpected, the market for pure electric vehicles is much smaller than expected, meaning that fewer companies are focusing on this type of vehicle. The Nissan Leaf and GM Volt / Ampera are not selling what they had expected, Renault is afraid that the same happens with Zoe, and Toyota with the Rav4 and iQ. The future does not look good for electric cars.

Source: autocar