4 de agosto de 2013

Audi teases something. What cars are they going to show? [Video]

Last week, Audi teased a car that will be revealed the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, showing the left rim and left ceramic brake disc. In the video we can see two cars covered with a white cloth, from that i can see the cars are long, indicating they might be in the top part of the German brand car range.

If i was going to place a bet, i would say it is the refreshed Audi A8 and the S8, but there is a small we will see, for the first time, the RS8. Another clue that makes me believe it is the A8, is the number of times a camouflaged A8 was caught testing on the road the last few months, hinting it is close to its reveal.

What do you think? Could this be another car? Audi does say in the video below, "it's time to reveal a new car".  Find out more on August 21.

Source: Audi