5 de agosto de 2013

Caterham will use a 660cc Suzuki engine for new entry-level Seven

Yes, that is right. The British sports car manufacturer will use a 0.66-liter, three-cylinder turbocharged engine supplied by Suzuki on their upcoming all-new entry-level Seven, that will also premiere an improved lighter chassis with a redesigned suspension layout.

The small and highly efficient engine will be mated to a lightweight Suzuki five-speed gearbox, meaning this will be the most efficient and lightest Seven ever.

The power output wasn't revealed but Caterham Technology & Innovation (CTI) engineering division worked on the powertrain so we can expect a fun and fast car.

According to Caterham Cars CEO, Graham Macdonald, this new Seven will cost under £17,000 (€19,700 or $26,000), and the first deliveries will start before the end of the year.

Source: Caterham