22 de agosto de 2013

Toyota reveals a little more of the Yaris Hybrid-R concept

Toyota confirms what we already knew. The special hybrid car that is going to be shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show is based on the Yaris. I am almost certain this car won't be produced, but the technology used in it might find its way into a production model, possibly the new Supra, but that is unknown for now.

What we do know is that Toyota wants to showcase "possible ideas for the development of hybrid technology for maximum performance and increased driving pleasure". The 3-door Yaris features a 1.6-liter Global Race Engine (GRE) developed by Toyota Motorsport (TMG) and two electric motors, making it four-wheel drive.

Like the TS030 HYBRID race car, the Yaris Hybrid-R also has a energy recovering system that stores the energy recovered from braking in a super capacitor and quickly delivers it when needed. The super capacitor is a better option for a sports car because it charges and discharges a lot faster than regular lithium-ion batteries.

Nothing was confirmed about the power, but rumors point to something close to 400PS (395bhp or 294kW), which is a lot in such a small car.

Source: Toyota