11 de agosto de 2013

Honda gives us a "glimpse" of the new Civic Tourer [Video]

Honda decided to give us the first look of the new Civic Tourer on a Saturday night, which is a bit odd. But who cares, what matters is that you have here what look to be the production version of the new Civic station wagon. Much is said about the aesthetics of this truck, how it is sleek and sporty, but it is up to you to say what you think.

Moving on the the technical part, we find out that Honda will offer the 1.6-liter i-DTEC engine from the Earth Dreams Technology series and the 1.8-liter i-VTEC engine. Both can be mated with a manual or automatic transmission. The 1.6 unit generates 120PS (118bhp or 88kW) and 300Nm (221lb/ft) while the 1.8 engine delivers 140PS (138bhp or 103kW) and 174Nm (128lb/ft).

One of the main innovations is the Active Damper System (ADS). This system will find its way into a production model for the first time. With it you can have three settings; comfort, normal and dynamic, allowing the driver to have the best possible damping system that fits the type of road and driving style.

The Civic Tourer is 235mm longer than the Civic 5-door (4285 -> 4520), but has the same height (1440mm) and width (1770mm). The boot has a volume of 624 liters, but we put the rear seats down that increases to 1668 liters.

Honda also wants us to know that is a vehicle that was designed, developed and will be built in Europe, and in particular in the UK. If you can, go and have a look at the Civic Tourer at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Source: Honda