8 de agosto de 2013

Meet the Mazda Deep Orange 3 concept

Automotive engineering students from the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR) and student Frederick Naaman from the Art Center College of Design had the help of Mazda USA in the creation of this concept that features several innovative ideas that one day might find their way to production models.

Students had to come up with a vehicle that had several new approaches to the design and manufacturing process, and in the end create a drivable prototype. These approaches are, of course, secret. Nothing was revealed, but i am sure Mazda is happy with this partnership.

What we do know is that is uses an "unique hybrid powertrain that automatically chooses front-, rear- or all-wheel drive; a load-bearing structure based on innovative sheet-folding technology patented by Industrial Origami; and groundbreaking 3+3 seating configuration in sports car architecture".