10 de setembro de 2013

Infiniti shows more of the Q30 concept

Another concept that had its premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show is the Q30. This car previews the entry into a new segment for the Japanese car manufacturer composed of smaller cars aimed at a younger audience, but till having a premium feel and look.

Infiniti describes this car as a mixture of a coupe, hatchback and crossover, and aims to be an evolution of the design language used by recently introduced models, like the Emerge-e Concept and Q50.

Alfonso Albaisa, Infiniti Executive Director of Design, added: “Q30 Concept is slender, sleek and seductive,” “When you see speedy big cats, like cheetahs, they have a slenderness and a lightweight stride. It’s almost like they’re floating. That’s the muscularity we were aiming for with Q30 Concept – a fluid turbulence of full bodied sections that are suddenly lightweight, floating and effortless, lines and forms crossing over, almost spiralling through a very slender silhouette.”

The luxurious interior features a unique execution of Infiniti’s “dual wave” effect and pursuing the notion of dissymmetry from air vents and armrests to the instrument clusters. Infiniti used ceramic in the upper front seats for the speakers, several metal surfaces in the center console, door panels, seats, vent bezels and controls in contrasting matte and gloss finishes, a lot of leather with violet stitching, and several carbon fiber parts.

Nothing was revealed about the power-train, but we do know it has 20-inch wheels, and that's it.

Source: Infiniti