9 de setembro de 2013

Official: Meet the Jaguar C-X17 Sports Crossover Concept

This time it's official. What you have here the official and final pictures of the Jaguar C-X17 Sports Crossover Concept that will be at the Frankfurt Motor Show in just a few days. This concept was created with the sole purpose of showing the capabilities of the new advanced aluminum monocoque architecture, codenamed iQ[Al], but there is a good chance this vehicle will be produced.

With this platform, Jaguar wants to use it several new vehicles and drop the development costs. The first car to make use of the iQ[Al] is a new premium C/D segment sedan, possibly the 3-Series rival.

This concept has 4,718mm in length and 1,649mm in height. It also features an evolution of the classic Jaguar front grille seen, for example, on the XJ, while the rear is clearly inspired by the one on the F-Type. The 23-inch wheels help to the sporty look of this Caesium Blue painted crossover.

Inside, we find four bucket seats, a combination between Jet saddle Connolly leather and Orchid Connolly leather on the instrument panel, seats, armrests, doors, floor and in the boot, Ruthenium, milled aluminum, gloss black and black brushed anodised metal finishes, and a weird panoramic roof with sculpted vanes running from front to rear.

There is also a unique center console that goes from the dashboard to the rear seats, that is made out of transparent acrylic glass and includes several touch-screens to be used and shared by all the passengers. Meridian also gave a hand and built a 28-loudspeaker system just for the C-X17.

The power-train wasn't revealed, but Jaguar did say this new platform allows for the use of several four and six-cylinder, diesel or petrol engines.

Source: Jaguar