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19 de maio de 2013

Official: Take a look at the new BMW 5-Series and the also new M5

I knew it was only a matter of time until the reveal of the facelift of the BMW 5-Series, and like i said before the changes are very small. But to compensate for the lack of big news, the German brand has added a few new things that make this car a bit more interesting.

5 de abril de 2013

BMW celebrates fifteen years as the "Official Car of MotoGP" with a special M6 Gran Coupe

That is right, for the last fifteen years BMW provided the official Safety Cars for the MotoGP, and to celebrate that we will see for the first time in public the recently introduced BMW M6 Gran Coupe. And that will happen in then opening round of the 2013 season at the Losail International Circuit in Qatar.

12 de dezembro de 2012

BMW M6 GranCoupe revealed

We waited anxiously for the official presentation of the new M6 and today we get to see the first official pictures of the GranCoupe that is scheduled for presentation in the Detroit Auto Show next January.

9 de novembro de 2012

BMW M6 Gran Coupe revealed 40 Years of M Event

BMW has finally presented the new member of the M family in an event that took place in Nurburgring during the M Night which is part of the 40 Years of M Event.