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19 de maio de 2013

Official: Take a look at the new BMW 5-Series and the also new M5

I knew it was only a matter of time until the reveal of the facelift of the BMW 5-Series, and like i said before the changes are very small. But to compensate for the lack of big news, the German brand has added a few new things that make this car a bit more interesting.

18 de maio de 2013

New image of the BMW 5-Series facelift

BMW just can not keep a secret their new cars, or in this case, a facelift. Yesterday, we got to see the upcoming 2-Series, and today we have another image showing the improved 5-Series. This car is rumored to be revealed to the world next week, but do not expect to see major changes.

15 de maio de 2013

BMW 5-Series facelift caught in China

In March, we had already seen the facelift of the BMW 5 Series during a photo shoot. A few days ago, the German brand inadvertently revealed the 2014 model in the brand's online configurator, and today a few images appeared from China showing, with a better quality, fresh images of this improved car.

11 de março de 2013

2014 BMW 5-Series facelift caught on the open road

BMW seems to take less time to reveal the facelifts of their cars. This time we get to see pictures of the BMW 5-Series (F10) in what seems to be a photo shoot for the new model. Changes are small but includes the look of the car and some mechanical parts. We could even see it at the New York International Auto Show.