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20 de junho de 2013

Car almost hits a photographer in a Hill Climb event

Back in April, you saw here a video of a drifting BMW almost hitting a spectator that was to close to the road. This time, in another Hill Climb event, we get to see a photographer almost getting hit by another BMW, this time driven by Vitor Mota at the 2013 "Rampa de Bragança" which takes place in northern Portugal.

30 de abril de 2013

This is why you shouldn't be so close to racing cars, specially those that are drifting. [Video]

At this years Rampa Luso Bussaco (Think of it as something like the Pikes Peak Hill Climb), in Portugal, we got to see many drivers trying to get to the top as quickly as they could, but some of them are better at that than others. What you can see in the video below is a lucky spectator that faced a not so good driver.

7 de março de 2013

Peugeot Portugal will restore a GTI to one lucky owner

If you live in Portugal and you have a Peugeot GTI in dire need of being restored, Peugeot will do this in a completely free way, you just need to participate in a small contest and if you are the winner or GTI will look completely new. The contest is limited to the owners of the GTI version of the 106, 205, 206, 306 or 309.

25 de janeiro de 2013

Portugal may again have a F1 race (PT/EN)

PT: Bernie Ecclestone admitiu hoje que Portugal pode voltar a ter uma corrida de Fórmula 1 depois de terem sido descartadas as pistas de Istambul, na Turquia e a pista da Red Bull Ring, na Áustria.

EN: Bernie Ecclestone has admitted today that Portugal may again have a Formula 1 race after the race tracks from Istanbul, Turkey and the Red Bull Ring in Austria were discarded.