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6 de fevereiro de 2013

More pictures of the Citroen C4 Picasso in Vigo

It seems that everyday we get new pictures of the new Citroen C4 Picasso. This were also taken in Vigo, Spain, near the factory where they will be produced and i assume in this color the car doesn't look that bad. The angle and quality of the pictures also help.

Nissan will build a new C-Segment car in Barcelona, Spain.

In total Nissan will invest 110 million euros, almost 150 million dollars, in their factory located in Barcelona, Spain, so they can start building a new passenger car from July 2014. The vehicle is rumored to be a new C-Segment car, possibly with some styling cues taken from the Nissan Invitation concept shown almost a year ago (In reality this concept gave birth to the Nissan Note).

26 de janeiro de 2013

Spain will get another major investment from a carmaker

The German company Volkswagen said last week it would invest around 785 million euros ($1 billion) in a plant in northern Spain over the next five years, making it the third company in recent months that announced a major investment in that country with severe economy problems.

25 de janeiro de 2013

2013 Seat Ibiza Cupra

The new Ibiza Cupra will soon be available to order and now Seat released more pictures of the small city car with a "sporting performance for every day". The car is fast but while the look isn't that exciting, it does not look as bad as some of its adversaries, with the exclusive 17-inch alloy wheels, the black gloss exterior mirrors, bi-xenon lights, the redesigned bumpers and tinted windows.

16 de dezembro de 2012

BottPower BOTT XR1 is made from spare Buell parts

After waiting for almost 2 years, the Spanish company BottPower finally finished the BOTT XR1, a custom motorcycle made for, and imagined by Ramón Bellosta.

15 de dezembro de 2012

Short News: Smart Feber Buggy will take part on 2013 Dakar [Video]

The smart can jump and with the number 382, the Spanish driver Jose Luis Alvarez, "JL", will race in the 2013 Dakar on a Smart Feber 1000 all alone and without assistance. At least that's what it says in the youtube page, on their website they tell another story, revealing a support team.

11 de dezembro de 2012

BMW 316i, the new entry level 3 Series

A few years ago most car makers had only one objective, increase the power in their cars, but now downsizing is the way to go, and BMW is no exception.