10 de dezembro de 2012

Rotary Supercars wants to smash the Bugatti Veyron [Teaser]

The Germans at Rotary Supercars vowed to raze Bugatti and the Veyron with their new hypercar that, for now, still doesn't have a name.

The image you see above is the first teaser of that car, it uses a rotary or Wankel engine with over 2.800hp and almost 3.500Nm (2581lb/ft) of torque. The top speed will be well over 450km/h (280mph) and it will do 0 to 100km/h (62mph) in under a second (right..), but a question remains, will it ever be produced? Many have claimed they would dethrone the Veyron and almost all were no more than promises. We will see, but those are some crazy numbers.

Source: AutoWeek.nl