5 de janeiro de 2013

Honda working on a "baby NSX"

Honda was working on the the successor to the NSX, which will be a an all-wheel drive hybrid vehicle with a V10 engine, when the idea arose of creating a smaller version of the NSX which will also have four-wheel drive.

This will not be the successor to the Honda S2000, but just a shrunken version of the NSX. Power will probably come from a turbocharged direct-injection engine, possibly a K24 series engine, and my bet goes to the K24Z3 with a displacement of 2,354cc, 201hp @ 7000rpm and 233Nm (172lb/ft) @ 4300rpm.

Both cars are being developed at Honda of America's R&D center in Ohio (that is why the concepts use the Acura name), and Honda HQ in Tokyo, Japan, assigned several of its top test drivers and engineers to the North American R&D center for a five-year period, but we already known the bigger NSX will be released in 2015 meaning that the baby NSX will see the light of day until 2017.

The small NSX will share many of its components with its big brother, helping to recover some of the development costs, still the price of the small sports car will be relatively high at around €46.000 ($60.000).

Source: motortrend

Small NSX Render