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20 de abril de 2013

Acura presents the SUV-X Concept aimed at the Chinese market

Since today is the press day at the Shanghai Motor Show, most car manufacturers decided to reveal today their new vehicles, and Acura isn't an exception, showing us for the first time the SUV-X, a SUV developed primarily for the Chinese market, and it is also the first world premiere for the brand that happens outside the USA.

9 de abril de 2013

Honda and Acura will introduce three new concepts at the Shanghai Motor Show

With the approach of the Shanghai Motor Show, more and more car manufacturers are teasing the new models they are going to bring to China. The Japanese Honda, and their premium brand, Acura, were boycotted in China due to a territorial dispute between both countries, but Honda is still coming to the Chinese Motor Show with a few new models and concepts (The NSX isn't really new for us).

28 de março de 2013

The 2014 Acura MDX is bigger, but also lighter

The new seven-passenger MDX is now built around an also new platform offering an improved ride comfort and dynamic performance, a more versatile and luxurious cabin, and an increased fuel efficiency for the luxury SUV that will be offered for the first time with a cheaper two-wheel-drive configuration.

18 de março de 2013

2014 Acura MDX will be revealed at the New York International Auto Show

Acura MDX Prototype

With less than two weeks for the start of the New York International Auto Show companies are starting to reveal what they will bring to the Big Apple. This time it's Acura, Honda's luxury vehicle division, that started to share some things about their new mid-size luxury crossover.

15 de janeiro de 2013

Acura (Honda) NSX II concept, first look at the interior.

Over the last year Acura, or if you want, Honda, previewed several times the NSX in almost all the possible car shows in the world, but now, for the first time, we get to see the interior.

5 de janeiro de 2013

Honda working on a "baby NSX"

Honda was working on the the successor to the NSX, which will be a an all-wheel drive hybrid vehicle with a V10 engine, when the idea arose of creating a smaller version of the NSX which will also have four-wheel drive.