25 de março de 2013

Volvo Trucks presents the new Volvo FM

Better late than never. The new Volvo FM has been seen several times on several roads throughout Europe for the last several months and recently Volvo finally decided to fully reveal the new FM. If you are wondering what FM means, it's "Forward control Medium height cab".

The exterior, while it looks the same in comparison to the current model, suffered several changes, like the new heads lamps with LEDs, new body panels, among several other new things, but the most interesting changes happen underneath the new Volvo FM.

The 11 and 13 liter engines all meet the Euro 6 requirements (starting from 2014 all engines must comply with this standard). The D11 will range from 330 to 450hp and the D13 from 420hp to 500hp. One of the systems that allows for a 5% saving in fuel consumption is the I-See technology. It works, together with I-Shift transmission, by saving information about the topography of the roads on which the truck is driven and can even be downloaded in advance.

Another cool new feature are the three steered axles, one at the front and two at the rear on the 8x2 with tridem, two at the front and one at the rear on the 8x2 with two front axles. Something that gives the truck a smaller turning radius and helps save the tires.

The interior was redesigned to give it a better look, but also a safer environment. The new seat can be tilted forward an additional four degrees, while the backrest is now 10mm slimmer, allowing for a better driving position, an improved lumbar and side support, and more legroom.

The new instrument panel is angled towards the driver allowing it to easily reach every button. The steering now has several controls, like the cruise control, phone, Dynafleet and navigation. Has an option you can fit your own FM with a radar/camera-based driver assistance system Forward Collision Warning. Another optional system is a remote control for easier load handling.