26 de maio de 2013

You live in Europe and want a SRT Viper? Good news! GeigerCars will import a few for you

That is right, if you live anywhere in Europe and really wanted to own a SRT Viper, it can become reality thanks to the German car importer, GeigerCars. This is more significant because Chrysler already said they will not bring the Viper to Europe due to unfavorable exchange rates.

And how much will this cost you? Well, prices in Germany start at €139,900 ($180,000 or £118,000), but don't forget the standard version costs €76,000 ($97,395 or £64,000) in the U.S.A.

GeigerCars will do one thing better. If you want, you can specify it as you could do in the U.S.A. and they will import it for you. This will be more expensive, but prices weren't revealed.

Source: GeigerCars